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Video: New Nick Diaz theme song?


Former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz is well known for his dislike of processed foods and his total dedication to an organic diet based on pure ingredients and natural produce. There was a time when he repeated the mantra “F--k the fructose!” in nearly every interview he did.

Oddly enough, while Diaz’s clean diet isn’t an anomaly in the fight world, it is in the everyday world. The ‘whole foods’ movement has traditionally been regarded as the preserve of vegans, vegetarians and wooly left-wing liberals. A battle-scarred cauliflower-eared man like Diaz isn’t your average shopper at a whole foods mart.

Diaz is also well known for being from the rough and ready streets of Stockton, a rundown inner-city district in California. Its the kind of place you’ll hear referenced over and over in gangster rap. So what if those two things could be combined - whole foods and gangster rap would surely be the Diaz signature blend?

Well, wonder no more: