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Sefo: "There's a need for a second league in MMA"


This weekend, the World Series of Fighting stages its debut event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fronted by Ray Sefo, it has a line-up that is comparable to some UFC events of recent years and somewhat echoes the line-ups that Affliction put together for their two shows.

But is this really the right time to be starting a new MMA event?

Sefo says that if there was “no need for a second league then we wouldn’t have the card that we have… if you look at that card, every single fight is like a main event fight. Every single fight on that card is a badass fight. I wish I could put every fight on television but unfortunately television can only give you so much space. These guys are some of the best in the world.”

Until recently Strikeforce was the solid number two in the US MMA sphere but when the shareholders wanted out, they forced a sale to the UFC and left Scott Coker a nominal Zuffa employee. Coker has been forced to watch the painful decline of his promotion as it languishes on the Showtime network with a much-reduced roster.

“Scott Coker is a great friend of mine, nothing but love and respect for Scott. He is a pro at what he does. It is really sad to see his baby fall apart like that. I don’t think he did anything wrong,” Sefo remarks.

“I think where it went wrong was… listen, I don’t want to comment on things I don’t know about, like Affliction came out and screamed a lot of great things but couldn’t put things together, but I think the sale of Strikeforce, I don’t think Scott Coker was part of that. By which I mean he didn’t want to sell.

“Our goal is to try and be as successful as the UFC. You have to look at the UFC and what they have done in the sport. They have done a great job, an amazing job with the fighters and with the company. When you look at that they are an inspiration and if they didn’t do what they did, we wouldn’t have the opportunity right now.

“So I take my hat off to them… use them as inspiration to climb the ladder. Like as a fighter I looked at the fighters of K-1 like, man I would love to be like these guys. Three years later I am standing in the arena about to fight the best of the best. [But for now] we are going to take things slowly and try to build up.”