Campaign trail: GSP or Condit for president of welterweight division?


With the increased event schedule, the UFC doesn’t get the chance to build up to shows like it did in the past and so some of the video trailers over the last year have had a bit of thin feel, creativity-wise.

But this pair of videos for the upcoming UFC 154 clash between Georges St. Pierre and Carlos Condit are superb. Taking their nod from the presidential election campaign underway in the USA right now, they make a case for each fighter as ‘president’ of the welterweight division.

What’s interesting is that in Condit’s case, there’s no fudging by the production team. The accusation that his win over Diaz might not really have been a win fits perfectly into the context of the video but isn’t the kind of thing a PR team would normally put out. It works really well though, so kudos on them.

Check them out. St. Pierre’s campaign video first followed by Condit’s, which includes the accusation that St. Pierre’s spandex shorts are an affront to common decency.