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Dana: Anderson will call out GSP at UFC 154


Anderson Silva will be calling out Georges St. Pierre at UFC 154 if the French-Canadian beats Carlos Condit in the main event.

UFC president Dana White confirmed on a conference call last night that Silva would be present and that that some kind of call-out will be occurring should St. Pierre retain the welterweight title.

“There’s no doubt Anderson Silva is showing up to cheer Georges St. Pierre on. He wants him to win this fight and he wants to fight him after. So I would say ‘yes’,” White said when asked about the prospect.

The question was also put to St. Pierre by MMA Junkie’s Steven Marrocco, and received a snappy, terse reply. 

“I don’t care about Anderson Silva, he can do whatever he wants. He can go to Florida, stay in Brazil. I am focused on Carlos Condit, that’s all that matters to me,” he said.

St. Pierre’s manner was consistent with the tone he has taken any time the subject of a superfight with middleweight champion Silva has come up.

Silva seems much more keen on the fight than St. Pierre does, and is equally reluctant to move up in weight for a superfight with light-heavyweight champion Jones.

There are no guarantees that St. Pierre will win at UFC 154 - Condit is a dangerous opponent and St. Pierre is coming off a year-long layoff - but if he does then he is likely to find himself under considerable pressure from the UFC to take the fight with Silva.

If it does happen it will possibly take place at the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas. The UFC has dropped hints about staging an event there and a fight of the magnitude of St. Pierre vs. Silva would be just the thing to headline it.