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Randleman wants fighters to stop complaining


Kevin Randleman has been steadily dropping weight classes since the PRIDE FC days and he is now down at middleweight, which he says is his natural weight class.

A four-fight losing streak that spanned 2009 to 2011 supposedly prompted his retirement but Randleman had been dealing with a lot of injury issues and now claims that they are fixed, so he is continuing to compete.

If one starts with the Fedor Emelianenko fight in 2004, Randleman has nine defeats in eleven fights since then (including that bout). But he says there are no excuses, injuries or otherwise, and that the modern tendency to offer complaints and excuses after a loss annoys him:

“If you get in the ring, there’s no complaining after you get your ass whooped. That’s it. You got in the ring. Say no in the first place. But when you get in the ring, you’re in the ring to fight. I don’t want to hear you complain Tito after it’s over that, ‘Oh, I tried to do my best.’ F--k that! Don’t fight! I’m sorry. I’m sick of hearing complaints,” he fumes.

“You young kids understand this: it’s a privilege to be in this sport. Everyone wants to be in here and make that big dollar. I wish it was a perfect world and we could, but it’s not. I’m not gonna make big dollars coming back cause I don’t deserve it. But I’ll earn it. I’ll earn it just like every rookie coming up now. And I won’t complain about who the f--k they want me to face.”