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Anderson: "I definitely won't be calling GSP out at UFC 154"


Anderson Silva has fought twice this year and doesn’t intend to return to the Octagon before 2013, he told Brazilian website GloboEsporte.com today at a promotional event for one of his sponsors.

“I am on vacation from fighting, I think I will return only in the end of the next year. I have personal projects ongoing. Tomorrow I’m embarking to Los Angeles to attend the arrangements of the academy we’re setting up there,” he said.

“I think this is the time for me to let my life in order. Being always worried and working makes me set my personal life aside. Now I want to work on that aspect.”

The Spider also commented that he will not be calling out Georges St-Pierre at UFC 154, despite that being widely reported in the past week.

“I will go to Los Angeles and then I will go to Canada for UFC 154. I’m going to stay there to film an action movie that me and Lyoto will participate in [along with Steven Seagal]. But it is not my character to step in there and call somebody out. So I think this won’t happen. I fact I don’t just think, I am sure!” he explains.

Silva has expressed his intention to put on a catchweight bout with St. Pierre and he is not bothered if the Ultimate Fighting Championship decides to promote an interim middleweight title due to the long absence this may cause Anderson from the 185lb game.

“My focus is on my personal projects and on the fight versus Georges St-Pierre. If the UFC wants to make an ínterim bout while I am away, it is up to them. I don’t know if it will have any meaning but they can do whatever they want. I am in a comfort zone, so I am not concerned about it,” he said.
Recently, Rickson Gracie stated that UFC-led MMA is damaging the purity of the component martial arts. Anderson would rather not oppose the words of the revered BJJ master, but he does have some thoughts to the contrary.

“I think the evolution of the mixed martial arts brought us to this stage, having competitors that increasingly have the opportunity to train other styles,” he said.

“Formerly we only had karate, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu... but now we got athletes who are complete, who train all the styles and who acquired knowledge to be able to fight on the feet, on the ground, laid, on the side... each one has his own view but the evolution of the sport is so huge, and it is how it works.”