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Erick Silva never wants another bad weight cut


Erick Silva is gunning to return to the Octagon  - the sooner the better.

The welterweight prospect wants to have his fourth fight of the year before the end of 2012 to have a chance of erasing the loss he suffered to Jon Fitch at UFC 153.

“I already spoke with my coach Wallid Ismail. If there is a vacancy or if somebody gets hurt, I would like to finish 2012 with four fights,” he told Fighters Only correspondent Acacio Rodrigues.

Erick has analyzed the positive and negative sides of the loss and he emphasizes his lack of explosiveness, something contrary to his two previous bouts in Rio de Janeiro, and recognized the necessity to improve the ground game for the future battles.

‘I trained a lot of wrestling, takedown defence. In the moments he took me down, I got up. His game is to put the opponent down and hold him there. In the first rounds he couldn’t do it, only in the third,” Silva says.

The X-Gym and Team Nogueira athlete thinks his techniques were surprising and that he did things even Georges St-Pierre was not able to do versus Fitch. “I managed to take him down twice. I put Fitch in risk twice and neither St-Pierre nor any high profile fighter could do that.”

The native of Espírito Santo admitted the pressure on his shoulders spoiled his performance against the hardest challenge he faced in the Ultimate Fighting Championship so far.

“Right in the beginning of the fight, I had never felt so pressured that way. Even not willing to have the pressure, I felt that many people were expecting something from me. It seemed that I couldn’t make a mistake. I knew the stature of the athlete that I was facing,” he said.

For the welterweight competitor, the explosion he showed in previous fights and which earned him compliments from media and fans, wasn’t on display due to his worry to push himself too far.

“I knew I couldn’t go ‘too thirsty to the well’ because he could have taken me down. I tried to hold on exactly for this reason but I ended up not letting my game go. Due to the pressure, I felt that I was not able to impose my strategy, that is the exchange of hits on the feet. I think I ran away from my strategy and couldn’t hit my game in that moment,” he lamented.

The loss gave the 28-year old fighter some lessons. For example, he confessed he had never left the cage with his face bruised. After the defeat his goal is to bounce back until December.

His noticeable decrease of cardio was also a matter of observation in this latest performance for the UFC. Erick explained that he didn’t follow his diet as he should and wound up having trouble to get to make weight.

“I apologized to Rogério Camões – my conditioning coach – for not to have followed the diet correctly. I lost 20kg during the preparation, including seven from one day to the following. I had to stay two hours on a bicycle in a sauna. I recovered 12kg from the weigh-in to the fight day but it is something I don’t want to repeat.”