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Bisping reiterates call for Vitor fight to be for interim title


Michael Bisping admits that his joking tweet to Dana White about making his January fight with Vitor Belfort into an interim middleweight title fight might not have been so jokey after all.

Bisping says that since sending the tweet to the UFC president, he has decided that there might be some merit to it after all.

“I have nothing but respect for Anderson Silva so I am not knocking him, I am not talking trash about him, but he is expressing a desire to pursue some personal projects and he wants to take a year off,” he said in an appearance on MMA Junkie Radio.

“Now that’s his right - if he wants to take a year out of fighting then good for him and I wish him all the best - but what about everyone else in the division? Do we just carry on fighting each other for the hell of it, with no progression?

“Of course we like to fight, and it's a business as well. But you want that progression and to fulfill your dream, and my dream is to be world champion one day. We all have a clock that's ticking. I've still got a lot of time left, but I don't want to waste a year fighting for the hell of it. I want to know that I'm moving toward something.

“If Anderson’s just gonna sit out for a year and nothings gonna happen with the belt then we are not towards anything and ultimately you could say we are wasn’t out time. So threw a tweet out there the other day about making mine and Vitor’s fight an interim title fight.

“And I was only stirring the pot a little if I’m honest but the more I think about it, I think its not a bad idea. Or alternatively, if Anderson wants to take a year off, perhaps he vacates the belt, and when he's ready to come back, he gets an immediate title shot and fights the new champion then.”