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Video: Dan Hardy training at TriStar


Dan ‘The Outlaw’ Hardy fought Georges St. Pierre at UFC 111 and went the five-round distance with the welterweight champion.

It was a somewhat unexpected title shot and owed something to the dearth of contenders at the time, but initial criticism of the decision to give Hardy the shot largely changed to praise of his performance once the bout was done.

Hardy showed true grit in enduring five torrid rounds of being wrestle-smashed and crushed under St. Pierre’s ridiculously heavy top game. He also won applause for refusing to tap to armbar and kimura efforts that looked to be in danger of breaking his arm and shoulder respectively.

St. Pierre’s gym, the TriStar team in Montreal, became fans of Hardy’s via the fight and they’ve been on good terms since. Hardy recently dropped in on them for some training and was accompanied by a FUEL TV crew, who were filming for the new ‘Training Day’ series.

Here’s a clip of what went on: