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Video: Jean-Claude Van Damme trains GSP


How can we possibly describe the awesomeness of this? Words do not do it justice.

Georges St-Pierre is a Kyukoshin Karate stylist at heart and also happens to be the UFC welterweight champion.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a legendary martial arts movie star who has inspired legions of men to take up training, Mirko CroCop among them.

He also has karate as his base style, and so he has been reaching out to the UFC champion to offer a few tips.

Imagine if St-Pierre and Anderson Silva fight - you’ll have Van-Damme in one corner and Steven Seagal in the other.

JCVD announced the video via Facebook, “Congratulations for the win, Georges St-Pierre! This video is dedicated to you, my friend. All the best, always.”