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Anderson's conditioning coach says welterweight drop would be 'criminal'


Georges St-Pierre recently told Canadian radio listeners that he would only accept a fight with middleweight champion Anderson Silva on his terms, not the Brazilian’s.
For the bout to happen, one of St. Pierre’s demands is that it would happen at welterweight, where the French-Canadian currently reigns.
But that has provoked Anderson’s personal physical conditioning adviser, who says it would be ‘criminal’ to try and get his fighter down to that weight.
“It would be a crime for Anderson to try and fight at 77kg. He could maybe make the weight but the physical loss that he would suffer would be too much,” he says.

“We have to respect St. Pierre, who besides being a great fighter is a monster physically. The Canadian would get a considerable conditioning advantage if they fought at welterweight division limits.”

Camoes believes that a catchweight would be ideal for the match-up and reminds people it would be the first time that the middleweight champion would perform under his usual weight class in UFC.

“For me this fight should happen at 80kg, since that would already be a sacrifice for Anderson. It would be his first shot at this weight and we would have to implement a very specific work for him to be able to perform at 100% of his capacity,” he opines.

Already thinking on the challenge, the Brazilian fighter has been maintaining his weight to adapt himself easily for a potential bout under 84kg should the opportunity arise.

“Currently Anderson has been weighing 92-94kg because he’s been thinking about this dropping weight to take GSP on. Anderson losing 3gk and St-Pierre going up 3kg would be more fair for both of them and for the public, who would watch a great fight.”

NB - this report orginally identified Camoes as a 'physician'; he is actually a physical conditioning expert