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Herrig accuses opponent of faking injury to avoid fight


Drama aplenty in the women’s MMA world today as Felice Herrig accused her would-be Bellator 84 opponent Michele Gutierrez of faking an injury in order to get out of the fight, because she is vastly over weight limit and doesn’t want to risk the huge cut that would be required.

The clash was supposed to take place at 115lbs but according to Herrig via Twitter today, she had been told that Gutierrez  “is faking this injury... word on the street is she is 22 pounds over weight”. Herrig told her readers to “stay tuned” for proof and then produced the following image, reportedly a snapshot of messages exchanged between Gutierrez and another individual.

The only explanation that has been proffered for her obtaining the image is, “Its a small world”. Read into that what you will.

Fighters Only contacted Herrig’s manager Brian Butler at Suckerpunch Entertainment to ask for a comment on the situation and see if he could provide any details. Here’s what he said:

“We are very disappointed that things played out the way they did and that the fight is now canceled. Obviously the hardest part for any fighter is to go through an entire camp and put all your resources into private sessions with coaches, the correct diet and just the overall grind. So when something like this happens with so much shady evidence around it this emotions can run high.

“We heard through several credible sources close to Michele's camp that she had plans of pulling out of this fight several weeks ago due to her weight being at 140+ pounds and that she was in fact NOT injured. We did not have hard evidence until we saw the postings on Twitter. We could not verify if they were authentic but they looked very convincing. 

“Another news outlet posted on Twitter that they called Michele and confirmed they were in fact authentic. Bellator has found another opponent and she will rematch with Patricia Vidonic (7-3-0). Felice's focus is now 100% on this bout.”