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Rousey clears Cyborg to use "horse semen in eyeballs"


Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos is free to undergo whatever testosterone-boosting procedures she wishes to, says UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. And that includes having horse semen shot into her eyeballs if she so chooses.

That probably isn’t an actual procedure - although in the cutting-edge world of sports science, competitors will try anything to get an edge - but if there are any other methods, including performance-enhancers such as regular steroids, then Rousey says she has no concerns about Santos using them.

“I don’t care if she is taking horse semen in her eyeballs, as long she makes 135lb I am cool. I have been fighting [in the] Olympics for a long time, Olympics are supposed to be idealistic but they are not. The US is one of those countries, they go after their athletes to make sure that they catch them but a lot of these other countries I would fight with actually help their athletes to pass international testing,” she says.

“I have always been used to being at a size and strength disadvantage, if you watch my Olympic videos you will see I am a head shorter than anybody else. Its just the way it is and so as long as the weight is fine then I feel like if she wants to make 135, taking steroids would be as much of a detriment as a help to her.”


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