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Rory MacDonald likely to get Condit rematch


Rory MacDonald is likely to get his rematch with Carlos Condit in the new year.

Condit came from behind at UFC 115 to stop MacDonald seven seconds from the end of a fight he surely would have won on points. MacDonald says he cannot get over the loss and he called Condit out immediately after his victory over BJ Penn at the weekend.

“I was humiliated and embarrassed after that fight. I think about that fight all the time, it haunts me, and I really need to get past that chapter in my life. My challenge is out there its up to Carlos to accept that challenge,” he says.

“I know he’s a warrior, I don’t think he would decline. He’s coming off a loss and he’s got to fight somebody, might as well be me.”

UFC president Dana White was into the idea during a post-event interview of his own. “I am interested in that and I like when guys call other guys out. If that’s the fight he wants then we will try to make it,” he said.

White enthused about MacDonald’s performance against Penn, saying “That kid looked so good… the body punches that he threw, you don’t see that a lot in mixed martial arts.”

But MacDonald himself told Ariel Helwani on Fuel TV that he was “pissed I didn’t finish him”, declaring the decision victory “bittersweet… I know he is a tough guy he is like a juggernaut, I knew it would take everything I had to pout him down. It went as expected, pretty much.”

MacDonald also denied showboating at times in the fight, which multiple fans have accused him of after he apparently taunted Penn by doing the ‘Ali shuffle’ and other flamboyant movements.

“That wasn’t showboating. It was just variety. Trying to mix it up, different distances… its not showboating, its a part of martial arts,” he says.