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Jones: "If Anderson moves up to light-heavy, I am here"


Jon Jones reveals the awful truth about Chael Sonnen - the Oregon man “is actually not as bad of a character as I thought. He is a pretty decent person when he is not trying to promote a fight. His antics can be a little raw but him as a person is not too bad.”

On being a coach for the first time:

“I had a lot of fun doing the show. I met some pretty amazing characters and learned so much about myself and learned so much about the sport; learned how much I don’t know about the sport.

“Being a coach was very different for me. I am a guy who really stays focused on what I need to do to get to that next level and to really set myself aside for the first time in my career to focus on other athletes and what I can give them to get ahead, it was really cool for me. Really educational and I am really blessed that I got to do it.”

On whether Sonnen actually deserves a title shot:

“I think its really important that we try and stick to some type of system of champions fighting against the next deserving contender. That keeps a competitiveness about it and keeps it fun. And I think the honor system of the whole thing, I think its important for the younger fighters to see that if you work hard you can achieve being a champion, but you have to get there first.

“What I am trying to say is that the system, the ranking system, is very important but entertaining the fans is also equally as important. And in a situation like mine where I have fought pretty much all the top guys in the division anyways so mixing in fun fights for the fans, you cannot go wrong with that.”

On his willingness to fight Anderson Silva:

“My door is not really open for the fight really. We will see what happens in the future. Everything is possible and we are put on this earth to dream big and achieve great goals and not limit ourselves.

“At the same time I am happy with what I am doing and what I have been able to provide for my family and win these championships… I am happy where I am, bottom line. But if Anderson moves up to light-heavyweight and challenges me for my belt then that’s a different story.”

Jones speaking to Ariel Helwani on FUEL TV: