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Sakara kidney ailment cancels Cote rematch


Alessio Sakara has been sidelined for three months because of a kidney ailment.

The Italian middleweight has been having pains and other issues for some time and recently underwent testing to try and diagnose the issues. He ended up seeing a kidney specialist and tests confirmed that he has problems with them.

He has now been ordered to rest while his kidneys recover and so he wont be able to train for a UFC 158 rematch with Patrick Cote, despite the UFC already having announced the fight as being set for Montreal in March 16.

Sakara’s explanation of his medical ailments has been translated by Fighters Only:

“I’ve seen spreading news about the rematch with Cote. I wanted this fight so badly, even if Montreal isn’t the right city for the rematch to happen. However, that does not matter now. The fact is, I cannot fight because of my kidneys.

“Three days ago I got some test results and the doctor (Nephrologist; kidney specialist) has ordered that I stop everything for three months because of the renal (kidney) stress. Right now my manager is getting the date moved [for the rematch]. I'll be more motivated with the nutritionist to never again risk my health any more.”

Sakara is known to cut a lot of weight for his fights and the process of weight-cutting does have a particularly hard hit on the kidneys if there is a lot of water-weight being removed. Daniel Cormier, Olympic wrestler turned MMA fighter, had kidney issues during his wrestling career for the exact same reason.

The rematch with Cote is being ordered because their November meeting at UFC 154 ended in a disqualification loss for Sakara due to shots to the back of the head that finished Cote. There was some controversy over whether Sakara received sufficient warning from the referee, leaving the door open to the rematch.