Vitor tells Dana: "Find a different contender!"

Vitor tells Dana:
December 17th 2012

Vitor Belfort was not pleased by Dana White’s statements regarding Michael Bisping at the weekend. The Ultimate Fighting Championship president told the media after TUF 16 Finale that Michael Bisping is likely the next in line for the middleweight belt if he gets past “The Phenom” on January 19th 2013.

The president also said that he has no plan for Vitor if the Brazilian beats ‘The Count’. Vitor sent a straight message for White via

“Tell Dana White to find another contender. Bisping won’t get past me.”. When asked whether he feels passed over by the UFC since they are not saying Vitor will get the title shot with a win in São Paulo, he was even more incisive.

“No. I am focused on him (Michael Bisping), I don’t think about anything else. Fortunately Dana White is not God to say who is going to win. If my father were my mother, I would have two mothers, so tell him to find another contender, that’s it.”

Belfort also says he won’t charge the number one status if he is the winner in the bout versus the British fighter because he hasn’t been getting the same treatment regarding the future of the division.

“I won’t charge anything. I will do my job. The future is made today. I have only this to say.”


  • Eduardo Cruz

    Posted at 14:32 on December 17th 2012

    It works as hype for the fight; Dana's laughing at Vitor's words now

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  • bogdan

    Posted at 18:22 on December 17th 2012

    Bravo Vitor ! You are legend forever !

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  • jay

    Posted at 19:24 on December 17th 2012

    Exactly right the only people
    Who listen to Dana are maggot fan boys like Eduardo.... Oh look at what the fertitas are wearing..look how big Dana is pfffff there sent many fight fans in mms let me tell ya

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  • John505

    Posted at 11:14 on December 18th 2012

    How can Vitor feel passed over ? He had his shot against anderson and got took out emphatically,he then managed to get a shot against Jones,and for a while there gave him the most trouble he's had in a fight,but he couldn't get the job done..To get a title fight is difficult enough,to get 2 and lose both,you go right down the ladder again..If Bisping beats Vitor of course he should get Anderson !
    And it has nothing to do with listening to Dana 'Jay'..The middleweight division is not like the other divisions,the quality and names are just not there,to walk into a title shot like Diaz and Sonnen has recently..

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