Cain already on the road to defeat, says Dos Santos

Cain already on the road to defeat, says Dos Santos
December 20th 2012

Cain Velasquez broke the unwritten code of respect when he recently stated that “nobody is better than me” and included UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos in that assessment.

The words of the contender caught many fans and critics by surprise, including “Cigano”, who thinks this was the first stage of the challenger on the road to a loss on December 29 at UFC 155.

“I think this was an unfortunate statement. I was surprised because he is not usually one to say theses things. He said that nobody is better than him. It is a mistake to think so. I think the contrary, I think that there are people better than me for sure,” Dos Santos told

“Because of it I have to train a lot to continue evolving [as a fighter]. If he thinks that way, the first step to the defeat has already been taken.”
Dos Santos and Velasquez are going to put form the main event of UFC 155. The Brazilian champion looks for his second title defense while Velasquez tries to recover the belt that belonged to him until November 2011, when Cigano dethroned him with a 64-second knockout win.


  • bill hardy

    Posted at 14:45 on December 21st 2012

    repeat,I've heard enough,cain is hurt.this is a real confidence builder for santos, and a??? for cain.

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  • Amburadul

    Posted at 09:28 on July 20th 2013

    But you are scare Insight my friend the way you talk ,the way walk, the way you look???????? the same like wedurm ( black belt etc etc only bull-shit bluffing etc etc) they are good in groundfight like HOMO but not stand-up like a man. I am also a latin-guy, and? to be honest ,we latin-people do not have the strenght (?DNA)like these black-people, even in JAPAN he is the best in K-1. regards gringo

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  • Priti

    Posted at 13:12 on July 22nd 2013

    JdS will be to over aggressive and will catch a cutnoer hook with either hand which will then set cains takedown and will allow him to keep him there while JdS tryz to recover..Just watch .cains stand up is not far from Jds,,and cain has a way better chin than nelson,,which brings the question can JdS finish a tough champion cus cain bein unable to finish kongo also raises questions,,but kongo nelson R way different fighters(kongo bein way better)

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  • Azhar

    Posted at 10:40 on July 25th 2013

    -JDS. Going with a painful TKO in the 2nd. Mir has a betetr chin than people give him credit for (how many times has he been 1 punch KO'd? Never, he eats 15+ shots by Lesnar or Shane before he goes down). That being said, I think JDS clips him with a hook before swarming with a ton of unanswered shots. However, I would not be surprised at all to see Mir put him to sleep in the first, and I do believe he's a live dog at the current odds.-Cain. I'm very tempted to call a Bigfoot upset here simply because of his size and how dominant his top game is, but I'm going with Cain for two reasons, 1. Bigfoot has been knocked clean by Cain's teammate, and 2. I just don't see how he holds Cain down he is so active as soon as he hits the deck with his scrambles. Cain either finishes him in the first or takes a decision.-Nelson. If PeeWee Herman plays it smart and scores points like JDS/Mir did, he can take 3 rounds away from Roy. Unfortunately, he likes paychecks and will get into a firefight just like his first two UFC outings. It cost him against Struve, and it will certainly cost him against the heavy hands and iron chin of Nelson. I can see Nelson KO'ing him within 2, but I can also see Nelson scoring the odd takedown and plopping himself on top of Herman for the remainder of a round or two enroute to a BJJ-oriented GnP late stoppage or decision. I just don't think Herman has the smarts to keep Roy at bay for 3 rounds.-Miocic. SDR is a legitimate threat and can certainly win this fight, but it's a bad stylistic matchup for him. He's competent enough on the feet, but Miocic is just betetr, and has more power. SDR is a solid grappler, but Miocic has a significant wrestling background that SHOULD be able to stifle SDR's jits when it comes to it. Miocic via UD.-Struve. I've been leaning back and forth in this one, but I just can't shake the fact that Lavar was brought in to the UFC after being submitted back to back in Strikeforce by lesser grapplers and was nearly armbarred by Pat friggin Barry. Yes, Struve has a tendency to not use his range to his full potential, and no, he doesn't have a power double he can blast Lavar on his back with, but I think Struve is crafty enough to tie up with Lavar and work some sort of trip. As soon as it touches the ground, Struve will slaughter him like a sacrificial lamb. I just hope he doesn't keep his chin up high and get into a firefight with a significantly more powerful striker. Struve via triangle in the first.

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