Dos Santos: "Christmas is postponed until after fight"

Dos Santos:
December 24th 2012

While the majority of people on earth have been focused on Christmas, UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos is focused on the upcoming clash with number one contender and former champion Cain Velasquez at UFC 155, on Dec 29.

“I will spend Christmas focused. I has already happened before and I’ve previously fought on holiday periods. Its no problem. This is the moment to keep the focus and really think of how this fight will go. The preparation has been ongoing very well and I will get well prepared in the day of the fight,” he told UOL’s NaGradedoMMA.

“Honestly I will be traveling in Christmas. I will get there and this is going to be a normal fight week. My Christmas will be afterwards. When I win the bout, I will celebrate the title, Christmas and New Year.”

Junior, who uses to train in Salvador at Academy Champion, made the first part of the camp in São Paulo at Corinthians gym and he is considering a full-time move there in order to look for a better structure.

“I’m used to train in Salvador but the work and reception in Corinthians was incredible. The academy is very well structured. It might be possible that I stay there full-time next time. It will depend on my team, what they decide, I will do. I like Salvador and have my house there, but if I need to stay some months in São Paulo, I will do it.” he explains.


  • Rob

    Posted at 17:30 on December 24th 2012

    Why is Carwin pictured in this article?

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  • Rob

    Posted at 17:33 on December 24th 2012

    I know its JDS vs Carwin photo but Carwin seem to take too much for JDS article.

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  • Harald

    Posted at 17:25 on July 20th 2013

    Hard to argue with the fighters. Jones shulod have stepped up and just fought Sonnen. Period. Even if he lost, I don't think he would have lost credibility maybe short term like when GSP got thumped by Matt Sera. Where's GSP now? Top 3 pound for pound in the world. Jones will be the same. I remember when Dana White was so pissed at Anderson Silva once that he was going to strip him of his belt. Now Dana calls him the greatest of all time . I think not taking the fight was the worst thing Jones could have done. You have to fight if your a fighter. A loss here and there is not going to hurt you in the long run. Look Randy Couture's record. If you never watched a fight of his his record looks mediocre on paper and based on win percentage. Still one of the all-time greats, still incredibly popular, and still making money even though retired. Best thing Jones could do now is say I screwed up! Then move on and continue to show some great MMA skills.

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  • Derikno

    Posted at 19:59 on August 9th 2013

    I like your posters bteter than the real' UFC posters, so far anyway. The 2nd poster for UFC 129 is bteter than your original concept~the pic of GSP is half missing. You should try to get a job making the posters for UFC events so they won't suck anymore!!!

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