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Bigfoot: "I would fight JDS if UFC threated to fire me"


In February the giant Antonio Silva takes on Alistair Overeem with the winner looking to get a shot at the heavyweight title. But the belt is held by Silva’s friend Junior dos Santos, who faces off with Cain Velasquez at UFC 155 this Saturday. This situation generates a question: Will ‘Cigano’ and Bigfoot ever fight each other?

Silva told Por Dentro da Arena’s Guga Noblat that he would rather not fight his country mate but he also revealed that he wouldn’t deny the bout if the UFC slated him for the match.

“I pick Cigano rather than Velasquez. Dos Santos’ good moment and heavy hands will make the difference in his favour. I wouldn’t like to ever fight him,” he says.

“I wouldn’t have any interest because we’re from the same team, but I’ve got a family, parents, wife… so if the UFC tells me that I will be fired if I refuse to fight, then I will have to talk to Cigano and make the fight happen. But there are Fabrício Werdum, Rodrigo Minotauro and more people ahead of me in line,” he says.

Instead of locking horns with the champion, Antonio Silva would rather pay back the beatdown suffered from Velasquez hands and elbows in his debut for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The native of Paraíba made a single mistake and paid with a devastating first-round loss. He wants the opportunity for the revenge not to create a rivalry with the heavyweight challenger, but to keep fighting the best guys in the world of the mixed martial arts.

“Yeah, there was a sense that ‘I want more’ in that fight versus Cain Velasquez. I trained a lot, I put in a three-month camp but unfortunately I committed a mistake of throwing the kick in the beginning and he opened a cut in my forehead with the first elbow he landed.

“I was fighting to take the bout to the second round, fighting myself, but unfortunately I couldn’t get to round two. I want the opportunity to face him but there’s nothing to do with rivalry, I just want to face the best guys over there”.