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Jon Jones "wiser" after turbulent 2012


Jon Jones reflects on a 2012 which was by the most tumultuous of his personal and professional life. The nadir of the year - and probably of his entire career, when it eventually wraps up - was no doubt the cancellation of UFC 151 after he refused to accept Chael Sonnen as a replacement opponent on short notice.

Jones was described as a “sport killer” by the UFC in an official press release after that decision was made, he and his coach Greg Jackson. But since then the various parties have worked their differences out and Jones is now back in the good books. (So is Jackson, because his gym is the place that aspiring TUF Mexico fighters are being sent to for training by the UFC before the series starts filming.)

"The DWI obviously, I learned from that, I've grown from that and I'm a better man because of it. Wiser, stronger, smarter because of all that stuff. Tough year, fun year, crazy year. Lost some sleep some nights, celebrated some nights - too much - but it was life. I lived another year. I'm alive to see 2013 and I'm blessed and I'm grateful.”

“Me and Dana are on good terms. I don't think we've ever been on better terms. I think he looks at me as a young man who has respect for himself, who stands up for certain things, who has a backbone and isn't afraid to speak his mind. I owe it to myself to be that way. At the same time, I'm here for the company, I'm here for the business and I'm here for the fans. I'm just trying to do everything right for myself and for the people around me.”