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Tavares disputes results of failed test


Thiago Tavares has issued an official statement on his failed drug test at UFC on FX 7 last month.

The lightweight lost to Russian standout Khabib Nurgamodev in the first round, being on the receiving end of a huge suplex in the process.

Earlier this week it was revealed that he had tested positive for performance-enhancing substances in a post-fight sample.

“I am surprised with the suspicion of doping announced by the UFC!” he says. “In 13 fights have submitted seven times to anti-doping tests and I've never been accused of any illegal substance use…I would never be able to use something that was not allowed.

“My medical team is working on an investigation of any supplements or medications used in and out of Brazil in recent months that might have given this false positive result on the test.

“The analysis is being done in specialized laboratories, by researchers at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, and the medical procedures are also being investigated.”

“I have been a succession of facts that want to shake up my career, such as deferred fights, injuries, etc, and I was prevented fighting last year. But I am confident that my career will not be shaken by this obstacle. Now we give our rebuttal to the UFC and we await results of the analyses so that measures can be taken.”