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Aldo coach: "I want him to get immediate lightweight title shot"


Nova Uniao headcoach Andre Pederneiras has heavily criticized the UFC for dropping lightweight Anthony Pettis down to the featherweight division to call out Jose Aldo for an immediate title shot.

‘Dede’, as he is known in the fight business, also told Portal do Valetudo that he was opposed to the opportunity given to Frankie Edgar without him having fought at least once in the 145lbs division.

“I am against it and a fighter can’t be permitted to answer the question of who to fight, because Aldo would fight even versus [Cain] Velasquez if he was asked. So if things are like this, I also want him to be able to take on champions of other divisions. If he goes up for the lightweight belt, he is going to do the fight right away.”

“Not only Aldo, but I also want Ronny Markes to fiught direct for the belt. I am going to begin to drop my boys down in weight as well,” he added, sarcastically. “[I mean,] it’s not because you drop weight that you’re going to suddenly come to fruition.”

“Edgar’s case: he put on good fights at 155 and they thought he would be a tank at featherweight. He should have been tested first, but they made the fight and we accepted it.”

Regarding Aldo’s future, Pederneiras stated he will keep fighting as a featherweight but he can make superfights versus lightweight fighters.