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Rousey pours scorn on Cyborg 'health fears'


Talk of medical advice and risks to health cuts no ice with Ronda Rousey.

The UFC’s female bantamweight champion has poured scorn on Cris Cyborg Santos’ claims that doctors won’t let her drop to 135lbs to enable a fight to happen.

“This whole spiel about how ‘my doctor says it’s going to hurt my heart and my ability to have babies,’ well, you can find your own doctor to think whatever you want to,” Rousey said to the Las Vegas Sun.

“Regardless of that, where was all this concern about her heart and having babies in the future when she was shooting steroids up her (butt)? Anyone with half of a brain can see she’s using this to her advantage just because it happens to work for her right now.”

“This is the type of person who comes into fights pumped full of steroids, which is criminally negligent in putting these other girls in danger. She’s walking in with a weapon pretty much when they don’t.

“I don’t see where the sense of entitlement comes to where she thinks they should be creating new divisions for her and doing all this stuff for her. I feel like, you’ve been exposed and defamed as a fraud. You’re the one that should be making these changes to try to prove yourself.”

On Feb. 23, Rousey will make her first defence of the UFC title when she faces Liz Carmouche, 8-2 to Rousey’s 6-0. Pundits are predicting another armbar victory for Rousey but Carmouche is very ground-savvy and the fight is unlikely to be the walkover that many are expecting.