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Alvarez attempts to ambush Rebney live on air


Awkward moments for Bellator MMA frontman Bjorn Rebney this week as estranged former champion Eddie Alvarez very nearly ambushed him during a live interview on The MMA Hour.

Rebney was on air to talk about the rift with Alvarez, who has seen a move to the UFC blocked after Bellator chose to exercise a match clause in the contract it has with him. Alvarez then tried to get an injunction in his favor but failed, leaving the two sides locked in stalemate.

A keystone of Alvarez’s argument is that Bellator cannot genuinely match the UFC’s offer because Bellator does not stage pay-per-view events. But during the injunction hearing, a Bellator representative told the court that a pay-per-view fight was already lined up for Alvarez just as soon as he consented to it.

“The attorneys of Bellator, and these people with Viacom and Spike, they're telling bold-faced lies to the judge,” Alvarez snapped when his turn came to appear on The MMA Hour after Rebney departed.

“The judges asks if they had a fight lined up for me. ‘Do you have a fight, a pay-per-view fight, lined up for Eddie Alvarez?‘ And the guy waited a second, he looked to the side, he figured out whether to he was going to lie or not, and then decided that, ‘Yeah, I'm going to lie. Because if don't lie, then Eddie Alvarez is going to win this injunction.’

“So he tells the judge, ‘We have the fight for him. We have it. We have it, it's signed, sealed, we have the fight.' And then Mike Chandler does an interview two days later saying, ‘We never heard anything about a fight with Eddie Alvarez. Anything.' And I know that he didn't hear anything. I know from inside sources that they don't have anything.

“It's frustrating, man, because they didn't have to prove to the judge whether they could do a pay-per-view or not. They didn't have to prove anything during the injunction trial. So I was told I couldn't fight, because they don't have to prove anything.

“I'll have a conversation with Bjorn on air. I'll have a conversation with any one of them on air. I have nothing to hide. There's obviously something to hide. Why can't we have this conversation?”