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Roufus: Aldo won't be able to leg-kick Pettis


Jose Aldo’s use of the leg kick has become near-mythical in MMA following the destruction of numerous opposition lead legs over the past few years.

But upcoming opponent - or rather, opposing coach - Duke Roufus doesn’t find it an intimidating prospect. He says his student Anthony Pettis will be able to completely negate Aldo’s trademark attack when they meet in August.

“The leg kicks are going to be a non-issue. Leg kicks are a cool thing until someone knows how to block it. When you know how to block it, he's the one that gets hurt - Aldo, not Anthony.

“That's the one thing that has given a lot of people trouble and that's the one thing Anthony prepared for real well with Cerrone and that was a non-issue there, too. Those leg kicks he launched, you saw Anthony block it and strike back right away. You did not see him throw a leg kick anymore.

“That's the thing about MMA - guys suck at blocking leg kicks. They're so worried about takedowns that they sometimes forget the leg kicks and when you know that someone likes to throw them a lot, you're ready for them.

“In other sports, they're not as common because people know how to defend them. That's the one thing I'll say will definitely affect Aldo's game. The kicking will be out.”