Reports: Dana White suffers 'bad attack' of Meniere's in Dublin

Reports: Dana White suffers 'bad attack' of Meniere's in Dublin
February 12th 2013

UFC president Dana White has apparently suffered a bad attack of his Meniere’s Disease symptoms while on stage accepting an award at the venerable Trinty College of Dublin, Ireland.

According to his friend ‘Nick the Tooth’, White had to be helped from the stage as the attack set in.

Meniere’s Disease is an affliction of the inner-ear and causes the suffer to experience serious vertigo, nausea and loss of balance among other afflictions.

White recently had a pioneering surgery to address the issue but as yet it appears to have had little effect. According to sufferers, one of the most debilitating things about Meniere’s Disease is the fact that an attack can kick in at any moment without warning.

This week, the UFC president is due to be in London, England to steer the UFC on FUEL 7 card headlined by interim bantamweight champion Renan Barao and his challenger Michael MacDonald.


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  • luke

    Posted at 11:35 on February 13th 2013

    I have had hearing issues since birth and although do not suffer from Meniere’s Disease I have at times experianced the symptoms associated with it such as serious vertigo, its very unpleasant and must be difficult to deal with if its happening while hes in the public eye.

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