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Live Results: Terry Etim vs Renee Forte


Round 1 Renee Forte and Terry Etim start the fight quickly, with Forte throwing a superman punch off the bat and Etim trying to pepper his opponent with jabs. Forte is using a lot of head movement to try and deceive Etim and is throwing a lot of power punches to try and test the Etim's chin, however Etim only smiles back unfazed by his opponent's punching power. Forte had Etim on the back foot for the majority of the round, pushing him against the cage and catching his leg kicks. Round 2 Forte continues to push Etim against the cage and use dirty boxing to punish him and keep him against the cage. Forte pushes forward punishing Etim with heavy strikes, eventually knocking him down to the floor; however he's able to recover and hold him in half guard. Etim is able to keep top control by punishing Etim with strikes from side control and mount. Round 3 Forte starts the third round in very much the same way he did in the second round, throwing left hook after left hook against Etim until he could get him against the cage and tire Etim out. Eventually he drags him to the ground where he stays in Etim's guard, controlling position for the remainder of the round.