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Live Results: Jimi Manuwa vs Cyril Diabate


Jimi Manuwa throws all his shots with bad intentions; he is a scary striker because he has little fear of over-committing or of going shin on shin with someone. The fight starts with a hard straight right from orthodox-stance Manuwa as Diabate backs up; then a heavy inside leg kick.

Diabate is on fence, they clinch. Diabate throwing knees, Manuwa times it and throws him. Top side control, Diabate regains half guard and Manuwa looking for elbows. Diabate almost secures deep half guard, comes up with a single leg effort instead and back to clinch on the cage.

Manuwa shows really nice timing again, catching Diabate’s knee and taking him down off it. Adding insult to injury he then waves him back up. Diabate is backing up constantly as Manuwa walks him down looking to power his shots in. occasionally they lock up in a clinch and Manuwa’s nice Thai fundamentals are clear, with a nice diagonal elbow over the top coming again and again.

In the last twenty seconds he eats a big knee as he surges in but at the same time he catches it and takes Diabate down off it again. Some punches follow and the round ends. Diabate gets up looking like a broken man and limps back to his corner.

In the interval, the doctor is invited into the cage to take a look at the source of the limp. It seems to be the left foot; the doctor asks him to put weight on it and he can’t. The fight is waved off; Manuwa looks gutted because its kind of an anti-climatic way to win. Nonetheless, TKO for Manuwa and he goes 2-0 in the UFC.

Diabate limps past me on the way to the dressing room and is clearly doing everything he can not to put weight on the left foot; the foot is all locked out and stiff as he is trying to walk on one millimetre of his heel and keep the rest of it off the floor.