Video: Dana on TRT, Bellator viewer numbers, Nick Diaz no-shows

Video: Dana on TRT, Bellator viewer numbers, Nick Diaz no-shows
February 17th 2013

Fighters Only was on hand for a sitdown with UFC president Dana White following last night’s UFC on FUEL 7 event in London, England.

White discusses TRT abuse, Nick Diaz not turning up for Countdown shoots, Gunnar Nelson, Bellator viewer numbers and more.




  • nur hur

    Posted at 12:01 on February 17th 2013

    Does Bjork run Bellator???

    No, she's in Iceland.

    (Gunnar Nelson Expression)

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  • bill hardy

    Posted at 13:08 on February 18th 2013

    I like bellatore, gonna watch bellatore as long as it's on tv.

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  • Long_p1

    Posted at 01:30 on February 20th 2013

    Dana's comments on judging don't make any sense. He's shocked by the 29-28 in favour of Che yet he says he scores on damage, Che scores with strikes, Riddle completed 3 TD's but didn't strike or pass guard, so by Dana's criteria Che could win R1,
    R2 is Riddles,
    R3 and Che scores with strikes, is striking off his back. Riddle does throw some strikes but only once makes it to half guard and get reversed, Che again landed the most significant blows so again by DANA's criteria Che could very easily win R3 also.
    Its easy to look at the fight as a whole and just say Riddle wins but a judge doesn't WATCH a fight he judges it. Maybe a clearer statement/justification on what classes as effective striking or grappling would be a better use of time than just moaning???

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