UFC cuts 16 - including Fitch

UFC cuts 16 - including Fitch
February 20th 2013

Less than two weeks after Valentines Day, a massacre.

Chief among the victims is Jon Fitch, the most prominent name of today’s seventeen UFC roster removals. As is the way of these things, there was little in the way of warning. The sun rose, coffee was made and life went on as normal - until the phones and laptops started glowing.

Dismissal from the UFC roster comes with the same sudden finality of a knockout blow. A call, a text or an email and suddenly your career is back in the regional swamps from which you hoped it had long been rescued. Goodbye Las Vegas crowds, hello Alabama bar patrons.

Many of the names released back into the wilds today were predictable but a few have been a surprise. One must imagine that Fitch slid both hands down his face in the manner of a man receiving bad news from the doctor, ending with his fingers covering his mouth lest it give voice to his emotions.

Britons too were among the fallen, less prominent than Fitch but still surprising. The aggressive guard player Paul Sass, holder of a world record seven consecutive triangle submissions, and his team mate Terry Etim, a fixture of the lightweight division since 2007, were joined by Che Mills on the list of today’s departed.

The more predictable cuts included Wagner Prado, who has utterly failed to shine, and the equally uninspiring Nedkov. The UFC has also taken the opportunity to rid itself of the politically-minded but satirically inept Jacob Volkmann, his wrestling credentials in direct inverse proportion to his comedic abilities.

Below, the full list of today’s UFC cuts

Jon Fitch
1-2-1 in last four UFC fights.

Wagner Prado
0-2 in last two UFC fights.

Mike Russow
0-2 in last two UFC fights.

Jacob Volkmann
1-2 in last three UFC fights.

Vladimir Matyushenko
0-2 in last two UFC fights.

Che Mills
1-2 in last three UFC fights.

Jay Hieron
0-2 in last two UFC fights.

Terry Etim
1-3 in last four UFC fights.

Paul Sass
0-2 in last two UFC fights.

Jorge Santiago
0-3 in his last three UFC fights.

Mike Stumpf
0-2 in his last two UFC fights.

Simeon Thoresen
0-2 in his last two UFC fights.

C.J. Keith
0-2 in his last two UFC fights.

Motonobu Tezuka
0-2 in his last two UFC fights.

Josh Grispi
0-4 in his last four UFC fights.

Ulysses Gomez
0-2 in his last two UFC fights.


  • AJ Leitch

    Posted at 12:53 on February 21st 2013

    Bad day for a lot of guys in UFC, But loosing 3 UK MMA fighters in one round of cuts is a real kick in the nads!!

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  • JD Badger

    Posted at 13:07 on February 21st 2013

    Gutted for Che Mills he was the highlight of my Birmingham UFC event!!

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  • Lenin/Mugabe

    Posted at 18:35 on February 21st 2013

    I'm gutted to see Sass, Etim & Mills cut, but Fitch being dropped is ridiculous.
    He spent years as The no. 1 contender at 170 lbs , being overlooked in favour of undeserving fighters like Hardy And Shields, then a fluke ko by Hendricks and one bad performance against Maia and he's cut, wtf?!?

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