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Mark Hunt: "I didn't turn down the fight"


Mark Hunt supporters got some bad news yesterday when UFC president Dana White told one of his Twitter followers that Hunt had “turned down” the offer of a fight with Junior Dos Santos at UFC 160, to replace an injured Alistair Overeem.

The statement contradicted comments Hunt had previously made on Twitter and to MMAFighting.com, where he said that he had actually offered to step in and was uninjured and ready to fight if the UFC wanted to give him the slot.

There was widespread incredulity that Hunt would turn down the fight with Dos Santos, leading to speculation that the UFC had in fact turned him down as a stand-in. But Hunt has been around a long time and he is very much his own man, so when he spoke with Australian website MMA Kanvas he didn’t stay ‘on message.’

“I said yes to the fight [with Junior dos Santos] but if that’s what Dana [White] said then that’s what he said,” Hunt remarked, allowing people to draw their own conclusions as to what was going on behind the scenes.

“You guys talk like [Dos Santos is] some sort of killer. I’ve been fighting at the top level my whole career mate; I haven’t been fighting for ten years in the beginner’s class… I’ve got no injuries, of course I could be ready.”

Shortly after the report was first published, Dana White was back on Twitter with a post that lent some hope to the ‘Rally for Hunt’ movement.