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Dana slames Cesar Gracie for "bullsh-t games"


Another Nick Diaz fight, another run of issues and headaches for the UFC.

But UFC president Dana White actually doesn’t solely blame Diaz himself for the issues he has with getting the welterweight contender to the things the UFC wants him to do. He thinks that Diaz’s coach and trainer Cesar Gracie is also “a huge part of the problem”.

White lays a number of things at Gracie’s door, including an accusation that Gracie is either willfully or ignorantly misunderstanding the situation relating to Diaz’s non-attendance at film shoots, and the associated costs.

“Cesar… comes out and says, ‘Well the guy that's producing [Countdown to UFC 158] lives up here in northern California so how much could this really be costing them?' - I mean, this guy has no clue about production. And to come out and say something that asinine, is unbelievable.

“Yeah, when we send a crew up to shoot these things, what do you think we're sending up, a guy with a f--king camcorder? We're sending the guy who shoots those features, [a guy] that has been working in the sports world for 30 years, and the crew he's got around him are good too.”

White has previously stated the cost of Diaz’s missed appointments to be somewhere in the region of $50,000 all told, and he has an interesting story with which to back up that ballpark figure.

“I noticed in the news now, these news reporters in Vegas, because of all the cutbacks, the f--king guy who's the reporter shows up with the camera now, and he's doing both jobs. You know why? Because it's f--king expensive to have a cameraman now, that's why.”

White refuses to state an opinion as to whether Diaz should ditch Gracie as a manager, but he does point out that Gracie’s services as a trainer at least seem to be exemplary. “Obviously, as far as a trainer goes, Cesar Gracie must be a damn good trainer because look at the camp that he's created. But [as a manager] Cesar Gracie likes to play bulls--t games that drive me crazy.”