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Cesar Gracie claims Diaz 'overpaid' taxes


Cesar Gracie, manager and coach of Nick Diaz and brother Nate Diaz, says that Nick’s post-UFC 158 statements about never having paid tax were not accurate.

In fact the California-based coach actually thinks that Diaz might have been overpaying his taxes, as he explained during an appearance on The MMA Hour.

“I think he misspoke. It's about filing. When I talked to Nick a couple of years ago it was about some tax issue he was having. He has paid taxes. I think he misspoke. It's about filing... He's not in any trouble that we're aware of. We haven't gotten any notices or anything,” he said.

“It's kind of weird for me to speak about stuff like that Because when we talk about fighting, it's fighting, but when you talk about taxes, hey, I'm not an accountant, obviously and that's a man's personal business. But, since he alluded to it, people have been texting me worried about it.

“It's fine. He has paid taxes. That's the weird thing. He would pay the tax, and probably even more than he owed, I think, in the past few years... So he has paid hundreds of thousands in taxes... I think his issue is he needs to properly file… He's got to get together with a good accountant and get his stuff in order like everybody else.”

However, Diaz’s attorney Jonathan Tweedale told MMA Hour host Ariel Helwani that there was slightly more to the issue. “Nick thought Cesar was taking care of [taxes] for him, and Cesar wasn't. It doesn't mean Nick is screwed, but it does mean things need to be figured out,” he said.

Gracie refuted that, saying that Tweedale does not represent Diaz. But Tweedale is the same attorney who acted on Diaz’s behalf when he took the Nevada State Athletic Commission to court in an attempt to get Diaz’s recent suspension lifted. If he no longer represents Diaz, he certainly did until recently.

After the fight, Diaz made comments about not having had a proper training camp. He repeatedly said that he had struggled for training partners and also revealed that no wrestlers had been brought in to help him. This and other things have been interpreted as a sign that all is not well between Diaz and Cesar, but Diaz has said nothing explicit on the subject.