Riddle responds to Dana "moron" comment

Riddle responds to Dana
March 21st 2013

Matthew Riddle was released from his UFC contract after failing a drug test at the recent UFC on FUEL 7 event in London, England.

Riddle, a medical marijuana user, tested positive for cannabis and had his win over Che Mills declared a no contest. He was then returned to the regional leagues, which he declared himself to be happy with because he “didn’t like the direction the UFC is going in anyway”.

Last week UFC president Dana White responded by declaring Riddle a moron and saying Riddle, who had said he would refuse an invitation to rejoin the UFC, would now never be getting that call back.

“I really don’t have a reaction to it because, to be honest, Dana White…it’s sad but he’s uneducated to the sport and the industry,” Riddle said this week to Stephanie Joplin.

“He’s calling me a moron for using my medicine when half his fighters are on steroids. It’s pretty offensive, but at the same time, I am looking at the source, and he can’t help himself.

“Even now, I don’t have a dislike for Dana White or the UFC. But really, he’s just a juice monkey who’s bald, who doesn’t know sh** about business. He just yells the F word and expects things to be handed to him.”


  • 1stExposurePhotographyNeil

    Posted at 13:08 on March 25th 2013

    This guy is funny in the way he deals with situations.. he will run his mouth about fighting Dan Hardy.. How the UK fans treated him.. that he's better.. but why would you talk trash about the highest point your reaching for in the industry you supposedly want to be in... baffles me.

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