Ken Shamrock and Ian Freeman on collision course?

Ken Shamrock and Ian Freeman on collision course?
March 21st 2013

Ken Shamrock and Ian ‘The Machine’ Freeman could be on collision course.

Sources tell Fighters Only that negotiations are underway for a potential in-cage meeting between the two veterans, both of whom enjoy pioneer status in their native lands.

Shamrock is a member of the UFC Hall of Fame and was the organization’s first-ever Superfight Champion, back in 1995.

His storied career includes fights with some of the most iconic figures in MMA history, including Royce Gracie, Kazushi Sakuraba and Dan Severn.

Freeman was one of the first UK fighters to received a call-up from the UFC. An early adopter of the then-new ‘vale tudo’ phenomenon which swept the martial arts world in the 1990s, Freeman’s training camps were some of the first in the UK to mix striking, grappling and wrestling as a complete system.

He joined the UFC in 2000 for a one-off fight and then returned for a win on home soil over Frank Mir at UFC 38, the biggest victory of his career. He also fought Andrei Arlovski and Vernon White under the UFC banner.

Later in his career Freeman struggled with Chronic Fatigue syndrome but still managed to put on some memorable fights on the domestic UK circuit, where he won a title with then-top UK promotion Cage Rage.


  • Alan Lennox

    Posted at 11:54 on March 21st 2013

    Not looking likely judging by Ian's Facebook posts.

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  • Ryan Mason

    Posted at 15:05 on March 21st 2013

    agreed! shamrock wants 300,000 for the fight! lol who the hell is going to pay shamrock that to fight!? would be a good old school fight to see but doubt it will happen!

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