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NSAC eyeing changes to TRT policy


The Nevada State Athletic Commission met today to discuss its drugs and drug-testing policies.

High on the agenda were testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and marijuana, both of which have been under the spotlight recently.

There has been a growing sense among the MMA fan base that TRT is being widely abused by fighters who don’t actually have a genuine need for it.

UFC president Dana White recently expressed extreme frustration with TRT use by UFC fighters and has pledged that the company will closely monitor any of its fighters who are undergoing the treatment.

NSAC today discussed whether it should alter its policies on TRT, in particular the rations which are to be considered permissible.

The medical standard for an average male is a 1:1 ratio, but NSAC considers anything up to 6:1 to be a pass. Today it was proposed that the pass ration be dropped to 4:1.

Also proposed was the introduction of carbon isotope testing to increase the accuracy of the results when measuring testosterone levels in the fighters.