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Dan Hardy "has wolf heart"


Last week we had ‘wolf tickets’ from Nick Diaz and today Dan Hardy has given the MMA community another new wolf-flavored term.

Hardy has announced that he is unable to fight Matt Brown at UFC on FOX 7 on April 20 because of the California State Athletic Commission has refused him a license to fight.

Their reason? They have discovered Hardy to have ‘Wolf Heart- or, to give it its proper name, Wolf-Parkinson-White Heart Disease.

“Sorry guys, I couldn't be more disappointed. Turns out I have a wolf heart and the California commission won't clear me to fight,” Hardy posted via his Twitter account.

Brown replied directly, wishing Hardy well and expressing disappointment that the fight could not take place.

Where this leaves Hardy’s career is unclear but he was recently talking of being jaded with mixed martial arts and impending retirement from the sport, so this may push him in that direction quicker than he was originally planning.

Wolf-Parkinson-White Heart Disease affects the rhythm of the heart, causing early contraction and abnormal beating. The condition is generally non-life-threatening, effectively treated and often presents with no symptoms.

Several complications can arise from an abnormal heart rhythm and conduction system, especially if other heart conditions are present in the individual. Cardiac arrest and sudden death are possible as well as heart failure, in which the heart has problems in pumping blood to the rest of the body.

Treatment is generally not required in individuals with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. However, treatment options do exist including medications and surgical procedures. Medications include antiarrhythmics to control tachycardia, but they are not always effective.