Video: Meet Alexander Gustafsson's grandmother

Video: Meet Alexander Gustafsson's grandmother
March 28th 2013

Alexander Gustafsson takes inside his (actually massive) family home, where we meet his mother and grandmother and get to see some large bowls of Swedish cuisine (looks pretty decent.)

The family home is nice and big but the real selling point is the sauna downstairs. The Swedish are a nation of sauna-addicts, possibly because the sun only visits there three times a year and its one of the coldest nations on earth, statistically.

How to escape the freezing misery of living near the Arctic Circle? Lock yourself in a large wooden box heated to an unbelievably high temperature, and let the stress just melt away. For added points, emerge from the sauna and dive straight into a snow pile. This may stop your heart but if it doesn't, you'll certainly feel refreshed.

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