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Pele 'chased Anderson round Curitiba streets'


The old war between Jose ‘Pele’ Landi-Jons and Anderson Silva rumbles on.

According to Landi-Jons, he recently chased Anderson through the streets of their home city, Curitiba, to again take issue with him over something that had gone in the middleweight champion’s autobiography.

Anderson was out jogging with a friend when Landi-Jons ran into him and accosted him, wanting to talk about allegations which ‘the Spider’ had made against him in the book. Anderson had accused Landi-Jons of deliberately driving through a puddle to splash Anderson and daughter on the pavement.
In the book, Anderson also said that in both of his fights with Landi-Jons, which took place in the 1990s, he was “robbed” by the judges.
“I only wanted to ask him about what he put into the book. I feel outraged because everything he said has blackened my name”, Pele told GLOBO Esporte.
“I didn’t want a streetfight, I only want to know why he wrote what he did. I beat him in 1995. And I’m still fighting, but in a lower stage. I mean, I’m fighting in the [equivalent of the] second division of Brasileirão (Brazilian soccer major league).

“But a classic is a classic. I want to fight him here at a UFC event in Curitiba. I’m not willing to promote a street fight. I only wanted to ask on what he wrote on the book.”

However, all talk ceased when Anderson was surrounded by security guards and Landi-Jons was forced away, the veteran Brazilian claims.
Fighters Only spoke with the vale tudo pioneer today, and he confirmed the urge to take the former team mate on. “I want to fight him badly. F--k it, let’s see what happens. Maybe something comes up. I will make him swallow what he said about me. He will have to stand up for it.”

Laughing he added, “If he beats me, he can say what he wants and I will have to listen to things I don’t want to. All I want is a fight, that’s it. But I wouldn’t want it [on the street] because it would make nothing but f--king problems.”