Rousey backs Mitrione on Fallon Fox position

Rousey backs Mitrione on Fallon Fox position
April 10th 2013

Ronda Rousey is backing Matt Mitrione and says she is glad the UFC did not cut him for comments he made regarding transgender fighter Fallon Fox on Monday.

Mitrione labelled Fox a “disgusting sociopathic freak” for wanting to fight women after undergoing gender realignment from male to female. He holds that hormone therapy is not enough to reduce the advantage that Fox has gained from being born male and living more than twenty years in that gender.

His comments earned him a suspension from the UFC thanks to their vulgar nature and the fact that some media outlets spun them as if he had been addressing transgender persons as a whole. But the comments were specifically aimed at Fox and Rousey tells the New York Post that she broadly agrees with him.

"She can try hormones, chop her pecker off, but it's still the same bone structure a man has. It's an advantage. I don't think it's fair,” she said. “I understand the UFC doesn't want to be associated with views like [Mitrione's]. I'm also glad they didn't straight cut him.

“[Realignment] not something that happened to her. It was a decision she made. She should be aware in her career after that, it's going to be an arduous path. I don't know why she's surprised by that. It's going to draw a lot of emotions.”

Also, Rousey doesn't like Avril Lavigne because Lavigne used to wear the same shirts as her. Obviously.


  • Sean

    Posted at 14:44 on April 11th 2013

    "undergoing gender realignment from male to female"*

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  • Nunya Dambiz

    Posted at 15:34 on April 11th 2013

    Rousey is amazing! Thank God that someone actually supports Mitrione openly. Fallon is a f---ing pig and should be ashamed to be fighting women. You wanna cut your pecker off and and get tits- fine. But don't think that gives you the right to beat up a woman you slob!

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  • Chris S

    Posted at 19:05 on April 11th 2013

    The sport of MMA has seen it's share of hurdles and set backs. This transgender issue in my opinion is a black eye (no pun) on the face of MMA. If your birth certificate reflects you born as a male, you are in fact a male no matter what you choose to do later in your life.

    Fallon should respect the sport and all those that fought (again no pun) to make it what it is today and withdraw! I for one will never watch a match or event that has HIM on the card.

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