Tate vs Zingano: What you didnt see (in the USA)

Tate vs Zingano: What you didnt see (in the USA)
April 16th 2013

The weekend’s fight between Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano was action-packed but apparently this bit at the end of the second round didn’t air in the USA at all. Which is a bit odd - did puritanical producers censor it or was it something the UFC did in-house?

Regardless, it aired in the UK uncut and plenty of forum users also seem to have seen it. The incident has sparked a lot of debate and a lot of Tate-bashing; was it classless or a good piece of psychology?


  • Kimi

    Posted at 19:32 on April 17th 2013

    Oh!! i did see that live , i was like OMG!!No she didn't lol.... i was so happy:) Cat won!!

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