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Wheels of justice turn slowly for Akiyama


Criminal investigations in Japan can move awfully slowly, especially when its anything to do with financial matters. For example, companies which are completely bankrupt can often carry on trading long after they would have been shut down in the UK or US, because the legal process is so slow and torturous in Japan.

It’s a similar case with personal finances, as Yoshihiro Akiyama can now attest. Back in 2008 he became aware that his manager had been misappropriating funds from his fight purses and using them for his own personal benefit. A straightforward case of embezzlement.

AsiaMMA reports today that, despite going to the police in May 2008 over Sawayama Tarou taking a sum reported to be anywhere between $200,000 and $1,000,000 from him across five different instalments.

Akiyama took civil action against his former friend and manager in 2009 and won the case, for what it was worth. He also pursued criminal charges but incredibly, it was only this week that the police finally caught up with Tarou and arrested him on charges of embezzlement of funds.

They are not the only crimes Tarou is being investigated for, though there is no information on what other charges he is facing. Whatever they are, he is likely to enjoy a considerable period of time on bail before even having to appear in court to answer them.