Ben Henderson would "love" fight with Aldo in Brazil

Ben Henderson would
April 18th 2013

After many negotiations, UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has been granted the right to get an immediate lightweight title shot if wins his upcoming fight with Anthony Pettis and decides to move up in weight. 

The lightweight champion Ben Henderson, who defends his title this weekend versus Gilbert Melendez in San Jose, spoke with LANCE!Net about the possibility of facing off with ‘Scarface’ and declared that he would love to make it happen in Brazil in front of a huge audience.

“Jose Aldo is a very tough fighter and he is welcome in this weight category. I had the opportunity to see him fight countless times in WEC. I have no problem regarding a fight. He is a great fighter and deserves this chance, if it happens.

“I would like to fight for the Brazilian fans. I would like to fight Aldo in Brazil.”

“I hope Aldo beats his next adversary and that I get past Melendez for us to make this dream bout. I want it badly, I would like it to happen in a soccer stadyum in Brazil for 100,000 people! It would be wonderful and it would be such a pleasure for me.”

On his reception from the Brazilian public, ‘Bendo’ says he would expect not to be booed because he believes one of the greatest quality of the fans from Brazil is respect.

“I hope I would be very well welcomed. The Brazilian public is so passionate for their idols and I know it, but I also know that they’re so respectful there. That would be grand. I would like to make it happen and I hope it happens in the future.”

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  • Sophie

    Posted at 15:37 on July 20th 2013

    adminMay 12, 2009Thanks! I'm already wtinirg a nice one! Please if you can keep spreading the word about the blog! you're good on that! All the content about Canada it's still there! So people can still look that! And you can ask Helen and Barry to check it out!

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  • Syed

    Posted at 11:58 on July 22nd 2013

    Hi Ari!This post took my breath away! She is a shinnig example of advanced style, and such an inspiration. Just what I needed!Thank you so much for sharing with us. Best, J.

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  • Shaban

    Posted at 02:49 on July 23rd 2013

    Thanks for the motivation. It's been my dream to see the 2014 World Cup in Brazil ever since I saw the 2010 event on toliviseen. It's great to see another person doing the same thing. Thanks!!!

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