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Arnie: "MMA is my favorite sport"

April 27th 2013

Bodybuilding icon, former Governor of California and still sometime action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared MMA to be his favorite sport.

He is in Brazil this weekend and will be present at Jungle Fight 51. He spoke with GLOBOEsporte about the growing popularity of the sport in Brazil and elsewhere. He also emphasized the importance of weightlifting for fighters preparation.

“It is definitely popular. All UFC fighters are very high-profile in the United States, even more than boxers,” he said.

“MMA is more fun, and most important, they train so much for it. Fighters lift a lot of weight. During the fights they need to be carrying those heavy bodies in wrestling and they have to be in great shape to do that.”

Arnold is in Rio de Janeiro to promote the first edition of his ‘Arnold Classic’ event there. The event was carried out today and Schwarznegger also complimented local legends from MMA and expressed his desire to meet them personally.

“Anderson Silva has a reason to get all this success. He is fantastic at what he does. I like [Rodrigo Nogueira] Minotauro, too. I am in Brazil and I would also to like to meet him.”


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    Posted at 22:28 on May 12th 2013

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