Jones: "Superfight with Anderson only depends on him"

April 27th 2013

Jon Jones did some Brazilian media this week - they love his UFC 159 opponent Chael Sonnen down there - and he made an interesting comment about a possible fight with middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“Fighting Anderson Silva is something I think about every day. Now I am a light-heavyweight and I have been successful being the champion. At the same time, Anderson is called the best pound for pound fighter in the world,” Jones told SPORTV program ‘Ta na Area’.

“I am number one in my weight class but number two P4P in the public eye. I am in no way provoking him but all I would say is that a fight between us only depends on Anderson wanting it to happen.”

Anderson has previously fought in the UFC light-heavyweight division twice, winning both fights, but has not fought any light-heavyweights the caliber of Jones. At the same time, the UFC has been pushing welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre towards taking a match with Anderson but the French-Canadian isn’t keen.

Jones has said that he thinks he will soon be forced to move up to the heavyweight class because he is in his early twenties and his body continues to grow. So if a superfight with Anderson is to happen, it would have to happen fairly soon…


  • Don

    Posted at 16:21 on April 29th 2013

    He fought three times at Light heavyweight, not two. Is it so hard to do a little research? Get your facts straight

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