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Rockhold "p---ed off" that Belfort gets TRT in Brazil


Luke Rockhold has called for overseas athletic commissions to refuse TRT exemptions to fighters who have previously tested positive for steroid use. In the US, athletic commissions generally won’t give a TRT exemption to a fighter who has failed a steroid test in the past.

This is because one side effect of prolonged steroid use can be reduced capacity to produce testosterone naturally, and the US athletic commissions do not believe it is ethical to allow TRT exemptions to people who have damaged their own testosterone-making ability by cheating.

But that isn’t the case overseas. A case in point is Brazil, where Vitor Belfort seems to be spending the rest of his career due to being unable to get a TRT exemption in the US.

“They're letting him fight in Brazil and use TRT when Nevada doesn't let him. So who knows what's going on?” Rockhold fumed in an appearance on MMA Junkie Radio.

“It pisses me off a little bit that [Brazil] is the only place that he's fighting, and I think he needs to be dealt with. I'm excited about going to Brazil. I've got a free trip. I get to get paid, and I get to kick someone's ass."

Brazilian UFC events are overseen by the fledgling Comissao Atletica Brasileira de MMA (CABMMA), which is an independent non-government body that the UFC nonetheless recognizes as the country’s sanctioning body.