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Pretorian confirms UFC split: "Thanks while it lasted"


Brazilian brand Pretorian has confirmed the end of its relationship with the UFC.

Fighters Only reported several days ago that Pretorian had been added to the UFC ‘banned sponsors’ list. A memo was circulated to managers informing them that the ban had immediate effect.

Approached by Fighters Only for comment, Pretorian initially said that the memo was news to them and that our approach was the first they had heard of it. Things then went silent, until today Pretorian issued its own statement, translated by Fighters Only:

“Pretorian has become a national leader for fight and performance equipment and is today a reference in national and international market with five year history of success. Since its birth in 2008, [Pretorian] supported and sponsored various events and national athletes and took care to support various social projects inside Brazil.

“QWith the growth and expansion of the brand it has become necessary to define a strategy for wider communication and targeting to athletes via diversified events in order to keep the momentum of the sport in the country.

Thus Pretorian will now start a new cycle of investments aiming to democratize and broaden its focus in other combat sports like jiu-jitsu, muay-thai, boxing, karate and other martial arts, base events, athletes of all levels, teams and national academies.

In addition the entry of [Pretorian] in the fashion market (casual and fitness) demanded considerable investment and a targeted campaign with a campaign in internationally renowned journals and targeted websites such as: Men's Health, VIP, Status, GQ and Fitness.

Pretorian expresses thanks to all who have expressed support for the brand and thanks to the UFC for the partnership while it lasted.

Pretorian will not stop supporting athletes who carry the values of the brand, will continue to invest in manufacturing equipment with the very latest in technology and maintain the support of social projects that ensure the future of thousands of people.

Finally, we are convinced that we are on the right track and will continue to invest in the markets in which we operate always ensuring the best product for our customers. Later this year we will have new features and innovations that will surprise everyone.