Bigfoot: Thiago Silva a 'mentally-ill, backstabbing coward drug user”

Bigfoot: Thiago Silva a 'mentally-ill, backstabbing coward drug user”
June 11th 2013

Right after Thiago Silva knocked Rafael Cavalcante out at the weekend’s TUF Brasil 2 Finale, he was called out by former team mate Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva via Twitter.

“Thiago weighs 105kg, he’s a heavyweight and has to drop weight [to fight at 205lbs division]. We have an issue to be solved, so he could accept to fight me at heavyweight,” Bigfoot posted.

Thiago, formerly Bigfoot’s team mate at American Top Team but now down the road at The Blackzilians camp, responded at the post-fight conference.

“If Bigfoot wants to fight with me, he must drop from his weight class. He might be upset that I left ATT. I have nothing to say to him. Wanna fight? Go down to 93kg,” he said.

After the press conference however, he went much further. Speaking to Brazilian media he said, “I would fight him whenever he wants. I trained with Bigfoot for three years. Ask him what he ever did to me. He was beaten like a little dog.

“Tell that big fool to come over here then we will see what’s what. For me it’s OK but, he talks a lot that guy, he is stupid. I don’t like him at all. Anytime he wants, man, especially if its for money! We can even do it for free, let’s go.”

Now Bigfoot has responded via Fighters Only Brazil. He says he was nothing but support for Thiago at American Top Team. Now Bigfoot is with Team Nogueira, so ATT isn’t an issue, and he says he wouldn’t rule out cutting weight to take on “chicken” Thiago inside the Octagon.

Fighters Only: What has motivated you to call Thiago Silva out?

Bigfoot: I had so much respect and consideration for him at one time. Besides being a good training partner, I had him as a friend. When he had a problem at ATT, I was the only one who was on his side until the end.

I used to visit his house and he did mine, I was something of a brother to him and he simply stabbed me in the back and cheated me. He said I’m upset because he left ATT, but he knows its not because of that why I’m mad.

Fighters Only: He stated that he will accept the fight if you drop weight. What do you make of his answer?

Bigfoot: I thought he was a coward. Many fighters perform at different weight classes, for example Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson. I personally will attend the doctors to see if I am able to lose weight without spoiling my health. If can do it, I will drop weight to make this fight for sure.

Fighters Only: If you bumped into Thiago in person now, what would you have to say?

Bigfoot: Nothing. All I want to do is just fight him because words won’t make him change. He’s mentally sick, we’re completely different people. I am a family guy - I respect my father, mother, wife, I treat my friends well, without pulling their legs*, and I don’t take drugs.

(* euphemism for 'playing a joke' )


  • retarded like a bigfoot

    Posted at 13:32 on June 11th 2013

    War Thiago !!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Zia

    Posted at 15:18 on July 20th 2013

    I completely agree, kids won't even need to watch the tuioatrl. My students picked this one up quickly and found things that the tuioatrl doesn't cover. They have so much fun discovering and being the first one to find a new feature.

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  • Tony

    Posted at 12:01 on July 22nd 2013

    There is absolutely no way they could gain that much mass back.Most guys who weigh in at 205, when they make their final cut, don't cut any more than 15-20lbs. No one is going to cut close to 1/3 of their bgdoweiyht and survive.Weight cutting mainly involves water weight, which is lost through dehydration. Probably the most common method for this is to sit in the sauna and sweat it out. Fasting is also part of weight cutting, but must be done carefully, as one doesn't want to lose the energy they need to fight the next day.Sometimes you will hear a reference to walk around weight, which is the weight the fighter walks around at before they enter training camp. Some fighters blow up between camps by not continuing to diet and exercise between fights. Anderson Silva, who fights at 185lbs, is notorious for getting up around 220lbs between fights; Quinton Jackson and Forrest Griffin, who both fight at 205lbs, have gotten up to 240lbs before. But once a fighter starts dieting and increasing their conditioning, much of the walk around weight is lost. Anderson probably doesn't cut from any more than 200lbs; Diego Sanchez, who showed up to one of his training camps at 190lbs, cut from around 170lbs the week of the fight.Once weigh-ins are complete, fighters will rehydrate themselves, some going so far as to use IV's to get fluid back in their bloodstream faster. And because water weight is most of what's been lost, it's relatively easy to replenish. They'll also likely have a few pounds of food in them that they've been missing out on for the past 24 hours.

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