CroCop and Aleks Emelianenko to rematch in Moscow

CroCop and Aleks Emelianenko to rematch in Moscow
June 24th 2013

Mirko ‘CroCop’ Filipovic and Aleksander Emelianenko are to rematch in Moscow, Russia later this year.

The news comes via Croatian outlet via Filipovic's manager Orsat Zovko, also the promoter of CroCop’s ‘Final Fight’ kickboxing show in Zagreb.

Apparently the rematch will take place in October or November under the banner of the new Russian promotion ‘Legend’, which recently staged its first event, headlined by Badr Hari and Zabit Samedov.

“After winning the K-1 WGP title, we had offers coming from all over the world, from Brazilians who were one of the most determined, to Japan, U.S. and Europe. My suggestion to Mirko, after winning his first K-1 WGP title was that he takes a good two months rest before we even think about next match,” Zovko is quoted as saying.

“After intense negotiations in last month, we concluded that he will be fighting at least two or perhaps even three times until by the end of 2013. Each fight has to be a special challenge for him.”

Regarding Aleksander Emelianenko, he said that he and his brother Fedor are “the toughest duo in the martial arts world” and that no explanation of their stature as names has to be provided.

“I think that providing rematch to one of the legends of this sport and especially in his homeland, his territory, gives CroCop and our entire team that additional challenge and maximum motivation," he said.

Other options on the CroCop platter include “intense negotiation” for participation in the 2013 Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye show in Japan on New Years' Eve against the Olympian judo player Satoshi Ishii.


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